US Military Aviators Fly American Flag to Honor Indianapolis Center for Pain Management

Recently, a patient’s husband was so grateful we were able to treat his wife’s condition, he asked a flight crew of military aviators to help him honor the Indianapolis Center for Pain Management by flying with an American flag in the aircraft during a mission.  He then gave us the actual flag to display in our office! Everyone at the Indianapolis Center for Pain Management is so deeply touched by this heartfelt gesture. It made us realize just how much injuries and pain can affect an entire family, not just the patient.

While we spend most of our time treating our patients, we also have the opportunity to meet and connect with their close friends and family members. These critical support systems drive our patients to their appointments, patiently sit with them in the waiting room, ask our staff and clinicians important questions, and take care of our patients’ physical and emotional needs when they get home.

The donated American flag is proudly displayed in our office to honor all of our patients’ bravery as they seek treatment for their acute or chronic pain conditions. The flag is also a symbol of thanks to the friends and family members who support our patients on their journey of healing. Our patient’s husband, who is an officer in the US Marine Corps also included a letter of gratitude with the flag. Here’s what he said:

“While deployed, the thought of my wife being back at home in pain, was stressful. However, knowing she was well cared for by you and your staff, allowed me to focus on flying and fighting hundreds of combat missions. Words, alone, cannot adequately express my deep gratitude for the care you provided to my wife. I am absolutely certain that (my wife) benefitted greatly knowing there was someone else who believed in her and was willing to fight for her. So this flag is for you. Thank you for who you are; thank you for what you do; and, thank you for how you do it. (We) will be forever grateful.”

The physicians, therapists, nurses and staff at the Indianapolis Center for Pain Management are dedicated to helping our patients achieve an active, productive, healthy and pain-free lifestyle. We’ve always been fortunate to have amazing patients.  Their smiles, compliments and “thank you’s” keep all of us motivated and inspired to continue to deliver the very best health care with the utmost compassion.

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