Registered Nurse Finds Permanent Relief with Spinal Cord Stimulator

Carol had a hernia that was repaired with surgery in the ‘90s, but she continued to have pain. The surgeon told her there was no problem, so she sought out a second opinion. However, that doctor prescribed pain medications, which she did not want to be on. She was finally referred to Dr. Fitzgerald (before he joined the Center for Pain Management.) Dr. Fitzgerald provided a series of nerve blocks which would help for a few days, but then the pain returned. Dr. Fitzgerald then referred her to Dr. Kowlowitz as a candidate for a spinal cord stimulator. Carol had the SCS installed in 2002. When Dr. K first performed the spinal cord stimulator trial, Carol describes it as “like a miracle overnight.” Once she had the spinal cord stimulator implanted, she never needed to return to the Center. It wasn’t until 2008 that she started to feel aching and pain again. She went back to Dr. K for advice and found out she simply needed the stimulator’s battery changed. She says the difference she’s seen since receiving the spinal cord stimulator is night and day. “I’m able to garden again, walk up stairs and even be on my feet all day [as a registered nurse].”

When asked whether she would refer a family member or friend to the Center, she says yes. “In fact, I had a friend’s dad who was on pain medication for chronic spinal pain and I recommended that he consider the spinal cord stimulator. He looked into it and ended up having one implanted and can’t thank me enough.”

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