Senior Olympic Race Walker Beats Back Pain with Spinal Cord Stimulator

Kay is an accomplished competitive race walker who participated in the Senior Games for 20 years until severe back pain ended her Olympic dreams. Instead of accepting defeat and living with the pain, this active 82 year old athlete had a spinal cord stimulator implanted, which restored her mobility and quality of life.



A Center for Pain Management patient, Kay, qualified as a competitive race walker for the Senior Games for 20 years, starting when she was 62 years old. When this energetic and optimistic athlete turned 82 years “young” (as she likes to say), Kay started suffering from debilitating lower back pain that abruptly ended her racing days. Suddenly, her mobility was severely limited and her lifestyle changed from active to sedentary. Instead of accepting the pain and diminished quality of life, Kay scheduled an appointment with Dr. Robert Prince, MD who diagnosed her with spondylosis (osteoarthritis of the spine) and recommended a spinal cord stimulator to control her pain, which she rated as a 10+. Her decision to undergo this pain treatment procedure was a true game changer for Kay.


Kay took Dr. Prince’s advice and he implanted a spinal cord stimulator. The outpatient procedure went smoothly and Kay recovered very quickly. In fact, she reported that her pain level decreased from a 10+ to a 3 by the time she got home. While Kay did not participate in any additional Olympic races, her mobility and quality of life were restored thanks to the spinal cord stimulator and Dr. Prince. She restarted her active lifestyle but switched from competitive race walking to low impact water walking, which she still does 3 times a week at the age of 86 years “young”.

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