Pain Treatment Allows Indianapolis Dentist to Run, Lift Weights and Practice Yoga Pain-Free

Geralyn is an active person, running, lifting weights and practicing yoga for more than 25 years without a significant injury until 2008. She started to experience pain in her right buttock at about four miles into her regular runs. The pain continued to progress until she had constant pain she described as “shooting down her leg and into her foot.” Dr. Fitzgerald had streated her husband’s injuries years earlier after an auto accident. She stated that she was highly impressed by her husband’s pain treatment and therefore reached out to Dr. Fitzgerald for a consultation and examination. After an MRI, Dr. Fitzgerald provided Geralyn with an injection that gave her almost immediate relief. Geralyn returned a few months later for a more localized pain in the same area, to which Dr. Fitzgerald again administered an injection, followed up with two weeks of physical therapy. When asked whether she was pleased with the pain treatment she received, Geralyn stated, “I have been nothing but pleased with Dr. Fitzgerald and the treatment I received at the Center for Pain Management. In hindsight, the only thing I wished I would have done differently is to have seen him sooner—BEFORE my pain started to affect my quality of life.” She added that the best part about pain treatment at the Center for Pain Management was the ability to receive diagnostic, interventional procedures and physical therapy all at the same location.

Geralyn has not needed to return to the Center for Pain Management for further treatment. She continues to perform the recommended stretching regimen taught to her by the physical therapy team.

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