Professional Figure Skater Receives Acute Pain Treatment and is Back on the Ice the Next Day

Abby is a semi-professional figure skater who experienced what she described as sudden “paralyzing pain” one morning while putting on her ice skates. A friend of hers suggested she contact the Indianapolis Center for Pain Management to see a doctor who specializes in pain.

Due to the sudden onset and severity of her pain, Abby was seen right away at the Indianapolis Center for Pain. After examination, Dr. Edward Kowlowitz and Dr. John Fitzgerald determined that she had three slipped facets in her neck. The doctors gave Abby three different pain treatment options and explained the pros and cons of each. Because Abby had a skating competition the next week, she selected the medical procedure that offered immediate relief and the shortest recovery time to get her back on the ice quickly: injections. She was feeling better and skating the very next day.

When asked what she liked best about the Center for Pain Management, Abby stated, “The doctors were very personable. I never felt like they were talking ‘at’ me. Plus, with their acute pain treatment options, they were able to accommodate the time-sensitivity of my situation. In addition, I appreciated that they gave me all my options and explained the pros and cons — this empowered me to make a choice.” She continued, “In my history as a skater, I’ve seen other therapists and doctors for various other injuries, and I always felt like I was being talked ‘at’ and was only given one option – like it’s either this or nothing. At the Indianapolis Center for Pain Management, I never felt like I was in a doctor’s office. It was a very comfortable atmosphere. And they gave me immediate attention.”

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