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We treat cervical radiculopathy – the pain caused by a pinched nerve or herniated disc in the neck. If you need help for neck pain, contact us to make an appointment at our pain management centers in Indianapolis, Greenwood, or Lafayette.

Cervical Radiculopathy: Nerve Compression in the Neck

Cervical radiculopathy – commonly referred to as a pinched nerve – is an irritation or compression of nerves in the cervical spine (the vertebrae of the neck). This condition may be caused by a herniated disc, when the disc bulges and presses against the nerve root. Degenerative disc disease and bony growths on the spine may also cause nerve pain.

Treatment for cervical radiculopathy begins with diagnosing the underlying cause. If the pain is due to a degenerative disease or a spine abnormality, our pain specialists may create a treatment plan that focuses on reducing inflammation and improving range of motion. We may also recommend steroid injections or nerve blocks.

Center for Pain Management specializes in the treatment of nerve pain and spinal abnormalities. Our non-invasive approach to pain management includes physical therapy, psychological services, and medication management. If you need help with pinched nerve pain, please call us: (317) 706-7246.

Cervical Radiculopathy Symptoms

Depending on where the pressure is on a cervical nerve, symptoms may include:

  • Weakness, numbness, or tingling in the arms and hands
  • Pain along the back of the arms
  • Hand, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Neck mobility impairment
  • Headaches

Non-surgical techniques can relieve pain associated with a pinched nerve or herniated cervical disc.

Cervical Radiculopathy Treatment

People with chronic cervical radiculopathy usually have some degree of muscle weakness and stiffness. As part of an overall treatment plan, we may recommend physical therapy in order to restore range of motion and rebuild strength, along with nerve root injections or epidurals to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Get Help for Neck Pain

At Center for Pain Management, we believe in treating people, not symptoms. We’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that helps you live the life you want, without the constant disruption of chronic pain.

We want to help you feel well again. Call us to schedule your consultation: (317) 706-7246.

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