Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 246 (SEA 246) – What Does It Mean?

In December 2013, revisions to the Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 246 (SEA 246) were approved to include new standards and protocols for prescribing controlled substances (opioid medications) for pain management treatment. The new guidelines are designed to increase accountability, improve awareness and reduce the risks associated with opioid treatment for medical practitioners and patients alike. The Center for Pain Management in Indianapolis fully supports these changes as they mirror our practice’s high standards for clinical excellence, individualized medical treatment plans and positive patient outcomes.

We’re Accepting New Patients for Chronic Pain Treatment

The Center for Pain Management is accepting new patients for comprehensive chronic pain treatment. This includes both physician referrals and patient self-referrals. As a multi-disciplinary medical practice with more than 20 years of focused expertise, we welcome patient cases where we exclusively manage the entire pain care process from diagnosis to treatment and ongoing management of chronic pain.  Per Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 246 (Indiana SEA 246), prior medical records are required for all new patients.

We Offer Multi-Disciplinary Chronic Pain Care

The Center for Pain Management has been a multi-disciplinary chronic pain diagnosis, treatment and management practice since 1992. This means we provide individualized pain treatment plans based on each patient’s unique medical history and pain conditions. Our spectrum of medical treatment options include spinal cord stimulation, ketamine infusions, nerve blocks, steroid injections, medication management, physical therapy and psychological counseling. We partner with our patients to design and manage responsible medical treatment plans that yield the best possible outcomes.

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