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Professional Figure Skater Receives Acute Pain Treatment and is Back on the Ice the Next Day

Abby is a semi-professional figure skater who experienced what she described as sudden “paralyzing pain” one morning while putting on her ice skates. A friend of hers suggested she contact the Indianapolis Center for Pain Management to see a doctor…
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Registered Nurse Finds Permanent Relief with Spinal Cord Stimulator

Carol had a hernia that was repaired with surgery in the ‘90s, but she continued to have pain. The surgeon told her there was no problem, so she sought out a second opinion. However, that doctor prescribed pain medications, which…
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Pain Treatment Allows Indianapolis Dentist to Run, Lift Weights and Practice Yoga Pain-Free

Geralyn is an active person, running, lifting weights and practicing yoga for more than 25 years without a significant injury until 2008. She started to experience pain in her right buttock at about four miles into her regular runs. The…
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US Military Aviators Fly American Flag to Honor Indianapolis Center for Pain Management

Recently, a patient’s husband was so grateful we were able to treat his wife’s condition, he asked a flight crew of military aviators to help him honor the Indianapolis Center for Pain Management by flying with an American flag in…
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Questions About Epidural Steroid Injections?

All of the recent news about epidural steroid injections has significantly increased awareness, confusion and questions about this commonly used pain management procedure. We want to provide you with important information as you continue to hear media messages that over…
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