Back pain: “I threw my back out!”

Back pain affects as many as 80% of Americans at least once in their lives. Back pain brought on by a sudden injury or activity is referred to as acute back pain (whereas back pain typically lasting longer than six months is referred to as chronic pain). People who have sudden back pain often say things like “I threw my back out” or “I pulled a muscle in my back.” In reality, you most likely have a lumbar (back) strain.

Acute back pain often will resolve itself with rest. However, many of us do not have the luxury of lying around for two weeks while we recover. In that case, facet injections are often a reliable treatment option for acute back pain or sudden neck pain. A facet injection can often allow you to return to work and/or your normal activities by the following day.

Do you have a sudden pain in the back or neck and don’t have time to rest? Contact the Center for Pain Management today and ask about our acute back pain treatment options.

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