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Our board-certified physicians and team of pain specialists have been delivering comprehensive medical treatment & compassionate care to patients since 1992. Take a look at feedback from some of our patients.

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Take a look at patient reviews of the doctors and staff at the Center for Pain Management. We welcome patient feedback about our team, pain care centers and surgery centers so we can continuously improve processes and the overall experience.

Ratings & Reviews
Greenwood Center for Pain quickly scheduled my new patient appointment with Dr. Scott Kim
LOCATION: Greenwood

Greenwood Center for Pain Management was polite, kind and quick to schedule me for a first time new patient appointment.  I’m relieved to have a pain doctor like Dr. Scott Kim who takes the time to listen to patients, not just hurries you up and ready to move on to the next. He really cares about finding the problem and fixing it or at least making you comfortable while you have to live with chronic pain. It’s a big relief to have found a pain specialist that I can look forward to hopefully helping me. Thank you Dr. Kim!

Dr. John Fitzgerald is the best pain doctor
LOCATION: Indianapolis

Dr. John Fitzgerald is the best pain doctor. If you follow his medical advice and instructions you will be successful in pain management.

Dr. Jocelyn Bush has been instrumental in getting my life back
LOCATION: Indianapolis

Dr. Jocelyn Bush is an excellent doctor. She listens to you, and helps you with all of your needs. She was a godsend. She has been instrumental in getting my life back. I would recommend her to anyone in need.

Pain management with respect, understanding & professionalism
LOCATION: Indianapolis

I have been Dr. Kowlowitz’s patient for years and have also seen Sandra Dolny, a Certified Physician Assistant, on a monthly basis for many years. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to Dr. Kowlowitz and Sandy for my pain management care over the years. I don’t know how I would have coped without them. I am treated with respect, understanding and professionalism. Such has also been the case with all the medical personnel and office staff at the center, as well as in the Surgery Center. If patients are honest, respectful and cooperative with the treatment options provided and give continuous feedback on the results, a positive outcome with their pain relief will be achieved. I would not have been a patient here for as long as I have if I wasn’t being helped.

Dr. Bush keeps me going
LOCATION: Indianapolis

I’m a long time patient of Dr. Bush and am very happy I found her! I have the utmost respect for her ability to help me. We have tried many different options to improve my pain over the years and she just keeps trying. When I’m ready to give up, she is always there to point out the improvements I have made to keep me going! She is a straight shooter and seems to genuinely care about me and how my pain is affecting my life! Thank you Dr Bush! Best Doc!

I wish I had met Dr. Kowlowitz years ago
LOCATION: Indianapolis

Dr. Kowlowitz spent a lot of time listening to my lifelong history of lower back pain and all the treatments I’ve previously tried. He was very patient and asked really good questions about frequency of my pain, what’s worked and what didn’t and activities that make it worse. He made a very accurate diagnosis and his treatment recommendations really work. I wish I had met him years ago.

My pain is gone thanks to Dr. Fitzgerald
LOCATION: Indianapolis

Dr. Fitzgerald is a very personable doctor. He takes the time to explain things and he knew exactly what was causing my pain and which procedure would help. My pain is gone after 2 years of living in agony.

Dr. Scott Kim in Greenwood has a good bedside manner
LOCATION: Greenwood

Dr. Scott Kim is thorough and has a good bedside manner. He is patient and really cares about my pain. He made me feel good about what he can do to help my chronic pain. Thank you Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kowlowitz took away my pain
LOCATION: Lafayette

I love this doctor because he took away my pain that I have had for years. I thank Dr. Kowlowitz and his team very much for taking care of me!

Greenwood got lucky with Dr. Kim
LOCATION: Greenwood

Greenwood got lucky when Dr. Kim moved to Indiana to provide pain management. I’m so grateful to have a doctor like him who had the expertise to look at my long medical history of pain and offer me a treatment plan that isn’t reliant on long term pain medication. I’m on the road to recovery and eager to regain a level of mobility and energy I haven’t had in years.

Dr. Bush saved my life
LOCATION: Indianapolis

I can safely say that Dr. Bush saved my life. I searched for help for many years–looking for someone to explain to me what was happening to my body. Then, my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Bush. She spent a lot of time with me; she really LISTENED to me. I have never left her office without some action steps. I am so very grateful to Dr. Bush and the staff at Center for Pain Management.

Better quality of life thanks to Dr. Fitzgerald & staff
LOCATION: Indianapolis

My quality of life is so much better now because I don’t have the daily pain which was interfering with my family, activities, and job. I cannot thank Dr. Fitzgerald and his wonderful staff enough. I have not felt this good in a long, long time. Dr. Fitzgerald is great, the MRI center is great, the surgery staff is great. Thank you Dr. Fitz and everyone who cared for me to help me feel so much better!

Amazing Dr. Scott Kim & staff
LOCATION: Greenwood

I can’t say enough about how amazing Dr. Scott Kim and the Center staff are. He’s very personable, patient and compassionate. He really takes the time to listen when I talk to him about my pain. He is extremely thoughtful and detailed when he’s describes his recommendations for my pain management – and he makes sure I understand and I’m comfortable with the next steps in my treatment.

Everyone at Center for Pain is kind & understanding
LOCATION: Indianapolis

I had no idea what to expect when I first came to the Center for Pain Management. I need not have worried – everyone is always kind and understanding and really wants to help ease my pain. Dr. Bush and her team are always thinking of how to make me feel better – I truly appreciate that.

Dr. Fitzgerald has given me pain relief
LOCATION: Indianapolis

Dr. Fitzgerald has been my pain doctor many years. I always feel like he patiently listens to what I have to say. He also provides me much needed pain relief. Thank you!

I highly recommend Dr. Kowlowitz
LOCATION: Greenwood

I would highly recommend Dr. Kowlowitz to anyone I know. Not only is he very attentive to his patients, but his staff is wonderful as well finally have a pain doctor that wants to help me. He has created a plan for me. Procedures start soon and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have hope!! Thank you Dr. Kowlowitz from the bottom of my heart!

I’m very grateful to Dr. Fitzgerald & staff
LOCATION: Indianapolis

Dr. Fitzgerald has been treating my chronic pain for many years. He and his assistant are kind and helpful. He answers my questions and explains my options in a way I can easily understand. All around, I am very grateful for Dr. Fitzgerald, Deanne and the Center for Pain Management. They have made a huge difference in my quality of life. They are great!

Top care from Dr. Kowlowitz & staff
LOCATION: Indianapolis

I always receive top care from Dr. Kowlowitz and all of the staff members at the Center for Pain Management. The surgery center is top notch as well! Mostly Dr. Kowlowitz is amazing! He is hands down the very best doctor I’ve ever received care from. He’s always personable and professional. Thank you!

Dr. Bush & staff treat me with care & respect
LOCATION: Indianapolis

Everyone at the Center for Pain is very nice and caring. I am always treated with care and respect. The staff is very pleasant and personable. I’m so glad to have them on my side while going through this. Dr. Bush is my hero.

Outstanding pain management doctor
LOCATION: Greenwood

Dr. Kim is an outstanding pain management doctor. He truly cares about your quality of life and wants to help you manage your pain at an acceptable level. Pain management is not an exact science, but it can be managed by Dr. Kim. Many thanks!

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