Current Patient Information

Are you a current patient seeking education about a diagnosis you’ve received or a recommended procedure? Have you been asked to download a form? Need information on any of our our office policies? Please use the resources below or always feel free to call us at 317.706.7246.

The Center for Pain Management offers patient education resources in the form of animations and videos of common pain procedures performed and pain conditions treated at the Center. See a full list of our patient education videos.

Patient Forms:

  • Opioid Agreement: If pain medication is prescribed as part of your treatment, you will be expected to safeguard your medication and comply with the other requirements of your Opioid Agreement.  In addition, failure to participate in the non-medication components of your treatment can result in discharge form the practice. Opioid medications are not appropriate for all patients. For that reason there is no guarantee that a patient will receive a prescription(s) for pain medication(s) on their first visit. Read more about Chronic Pain Medication (Opioid) Management.
  • Center for Special Surgery Disclosure Packet: If you will be having an upcoming interventional procedure or outpatient surgery performed at the Center for Pain Management, please download and print the Center for Special Surgery Disclosure Packet and bring it with you on the day of your procedure/surgery. Read more about the Center for Special Surgery.

Some other information that may be of interest to you:

  • Office Policies: We publish our policies for billing/hardships and appointment cancellations, as well as disability form letter and medical records requests.
  • Insurance Carriers: We provide coverage for a variety of commercial insurance plans and HMOs. However, you are ultimately responsible for understanding and following your insurance program and its requirements.

We look forward to helping you with your pain management needs.

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