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Don’t Ruin Your Summer Vacation with Avoidable Injuries

You’d be surprised how many dangers await you this summer vacation, excluding the risk of poison ivy, bug bites and sunburns! We’ve compiled a list of activities, destinations and surprising culprits that cause the most common summer vacation injuries (many of which result in serious neck and back pain) so you can be on the lookout.

Top 10 Summer Recreational Activities that Cause Serious Injuries

You’ll probably be surprised by the list of top 10 summer recreational activities (and related equipment) that cause the bulk of injuries (many of which can result in serious neck and back pain). Remember, helmets have proven to reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85%. So make sure you wear a helmet. The data below reflects emergency room visit statistics compiled by the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) which collects data from hospitals across the country:

  1. Bicycle injuries: 510,905
  2. Exercise and exercise equipment related injuries: 466,162
  3. Football injuries: 396,457
  4. Soccer injuries: 239,943
  5. Playground injuries: 238,121
  6. Baseball and softball injuries: 225,712
  7. ATV, mo-ped and mini bike injuries: 201,986
  8. Swimming injuries: 159,892
  9. Skateboard injuries: 119,760
  10. Trampoline injuries: 104,691

6 Surprising Culprits that Cause Summer Vacations Injuries

If you associate R&R (rest and relaxation) when you think of summer vacations, think again! Traveling can be the cause of many injuries and accidents that result in long-term neck and back pain. Be aware of the most common culprits and pitfalls – most of which seem harmless on the surface — of summer vacations.

  1. SUITCASES: Lifting over-packed bags and heavy suitcases can cause serious back injuries. Avoid the pain by using luggage with wheels, renting carts or hiring a bellhop.
  2. CAMERAS: You’d be surprised how many people fall when they are distracted taking pictures. Don’t get hurt because you’re so focused on getting a good shot, you don’t look where you’re stepping.
  3. STRESS: Changing modes of transportation, getting lost or coordinating plans with others on your vacation can cause neck and jaw pain associated with clenching.
  4. WALKING: Vacations usually involve excessive walking – whether through airports and parking lots, large theme parks, through grand resorts or site seeing through new cities. Make sure to wear supportive and comfortable shoes so you don’t end up with serious foot, ankle or knee injuries.
  5. SLEEPING: Falling asleep in uncomfortable positions while traveling (in the car, on the plane, etc.) can result in serious and sustaining neck injuries. Try to arrive at your hotel room by bedtime each night to avoid sleeping in transit.
  6. DISORIENTATION: The allure of a vacation is to leave the familiar and embark on an adventure. The downside is, everything is unfamiliar – the cars, the rooms, the beds, etc. Make sure to leave lights on at night so you can see where you’re going. Remember, slips, trips, bumps and falls are the most common cause of injury.

With a little foresight and care, you should survive the summer unscathed.

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