Don’t Let Neck & Back Pain Ruin Your Holidays: Get Checked by One of Our Indiana Pain Specialists

The holiday season is underway in Central Indiana, and that means hauling firewood, hanging lights and standing in front of the stove for hours on end while cooking up something homey and delicious for family. Unfortunately, this also means it’s a common time to need an Indiana pain specialist for neck or back pain.

It may look like a Norman Rockwell painting, but it doesn’t feel like it when you have neck or back pain. Many holiday activities seem like minor physical tasks, but they can have lasting effects on the body and leave many to suffer from acute injuries and chronic pain.

Millions of Americans let chronic pain get in the way of enjoying the holidays. But they don’t have to, and neither do you. There are options immediately and readily available to you. At the Center for Pain Management in Indiana, we specialize in relieving chronic and acute back and neck pain. In fact, we’re nationally recognized as one of the country’s leading pain management surgical centers for spinal cord stimulator implants, spinal blocks and epidural injections.

Our Indiana pain specialists are board-certified clinicians and are experts in a variety of chronic and acute pain issues, including back pain, neck pain, joint pain and cancer pain–and they can often treat your pain faster and more effectively than a primary care doctor can.

Our Indiana Pain Specialists are Experts in:

  • Neuropathic Pain (shooting, burning pain, numbness, “pins and needles” discomfort)
  • Nocioceptive Pain (aching, throbbing pain, localized neck pain or low back pain)
  • Myofascial Pain (knots, tender, dense, hyperirritable areas within the muscles)

Get your chronic back or neck pain checked by one of our Indiana pain specialists so you can enjoy this year’s feasts, family and football.

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